Honor Your Workouts

Honor Your Workouts

Life is busy, right? It can be calm one minute and then frantic, hectic, crazed and downright insane the next. With so much going on in our lives it can be a challenge to carve out a little slice of “me time” to help balance things out and keep you from...

Happy Father’s Day

While this message is a tribute to all fathers, I would especially like to recognize my husband, Jahid A. Wilson, Sr. I do not have a relationship with my own father because he chose to deny me from birth. I grew up without any firsthand knowledge of what it meant to...

My Recent Life Lesson – Quality Over Quantity

We’ve all heard it before. Whether it be reaching a sales goal, scrambling to answer all the questions on a quiz before the time runs out or trying to reach the maximum number of reps in weight training – the quality of what you’re doing is more important than the...

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